building demolition in Massachusetts

Demolishing a building involves several stages including cleaning the building and waste management processes. It is a complex step requiring the intervention of professionals who work in the field of construction. If you want to know more about this process, this article is for you. He tells you about the principles, the methods of production and the price to be expected for its production.

What is it exactly

Building cleaning is carried out using specific principles. This is an act of cleaning or removal of various secondary elements such as joinery, deteriorated concrete, partitions, floor and wall coverings, etc. You should know that cleaning is carried out for different reasons. It can, for example, be done when you want to carry out conservation work on a facade, dismantle a wall, remove polluting elements or make a building more eco-friendly. And of course this type of operation creates a lot of construction debris.

Methods used for building cleaning

In total, three methods are used to carry out building cleaning.

Cleaning by scarification

Please note that it is important to use this method if you have a huge layer of concrete to demolish. Its advantage is that it guarantees more efficiency, but above all speed. But also, this technique has the power to demolish around 100 m2 in one hour. In addition, regarding its application, it is advisable to use a roller with metal tips. This is the ideal tool to use on contaminated or damaged parts.

Percussion cleaning

This is the simplest technique proposed for building cleaning. If you want to demolish a small space, using this method is recommended. You should know that if the surface area you want to hang from your building is not large, turning to this technique is the ideal choice.

However, its disadvantage is that it can cause disturbing noises and certain cracks as it involves carrying out selective and partial demolition. This is why hiring a demolition and waste management professional is the best option. He will know how to take care of the cleaning using effective materials such as the mini rock breaker, the concrete breaker and the jackhammer.

Cleaning by hydrodemolition

This third method uses the water jet. It generally uses it in order to avoid the loss of the parties concerned by the demolition. More precisely, it is most often used in the context of surface concrete. Furthermore, being practical, hydrodemolition gives the possibility of releasing a strong pressure which is likely to destroy all the surface concrete. In addition, its great advantage is that it causes more vibrations and allows a lot of dust to be raised. Also, it is a technique which preserves the reinforcement and the bottom supports of the concrete.

How much does this project cost

Being a project that must be carried out by a professional to obtain a clean, fast and well-done work, you must plan a substantial budget. To do this, it is important to establish a quote based on the size of the work to be carried out. However, it must be remembered that the price is set according to the dimensions of the surface to be demolished as well as the tools used according to each structure. The ideal is therefore to compare quotes from each company to find the most advantageous offer.

As an indication, please note that cleaning costs between $80 and $350 including tax per square meter. This price will vary depending on the constraints specific to the site, the methods used as well as the number of workers assigned to the work. As a general rule, the project manager will estimate the working time necessary for cleaning and his client will be billed additionally for any excess.

In short, cleaning the building is necessary. However, it must be done safely. To do this, make certain necessary arrangements before starting the work. Although we have a wide choice of methods to carry out this project, the most wise thing is to call on a company with expertise in the field. The Dumpster Rental Near Me Mashpee company is one of them. It operates in Massachusetts, in the areas of waste management, urban and industrial deconstruction, but also in asbestos removal and depollution work.